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BN ex-CBQ SD24 [CBQ Photo Archives]

cbq_03.jpg: Rex, CO Summer, 1971

On route 287 between Laramie and Ft Collins, met this southbound BN train on ex-C&S Rex branch.
Led by ex-CBQ SD24 are the gondola cars filled with limestone from the nearby Owl Canyon Mine.

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BN E8/9, ex-CBQ [CBQ Photo Archives]

cbq_01.jpg: Chicago IL, summer, 1971

At the Chicago Union Station, found this BN, ex-CBQ commuter train leaving the terminal. Lack of grill-like pattern at the both sides of the head light may help identify the type and number of this locomotive.

This photo was first appeared in my "Photo Archive" column.

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CB&Q Caboose #14327 [CBQ Photo Archives]

cbq14327_01.jpg: Las Cruses, NM. Sep. 10, 2015

This ex-CB&Q caboose is found next to the depot now housing Railroad Museum at Las Cruses, NM. Note the horizontal portion of the smokestack set parallel to the rail. Similar car #13977 is on the cover of the book Caboose by Mike Schafer.

CB&Q #14327 is one of 14000–14389 and 14496–14498 series NE-1 class “waycar”s. According to the information attached to the caboose, it was built in 1890 by the railroad, retired in the 60’s and was finally donated to the museum.

* 1975 photo of CB&Q #14383 at Railroad Picture Archives site;

cbq14327_02.jpg: Las Cruses, NM. Sep. 10, 2015

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CBQ Photo Archives ブログトップ
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