D&RGW MWW #028, MWM AX-3330 and MWC X-3275 [DRGW Equipment PA]

drgw028_01.jpg: DRGW #028
drgwx3335_01.jpg: DRGW AX-3330
drgwx3275_01.jpg: DRGW X-3275

These former D&RGW maintenance of way (MoW) cars are found at Grand Junction, Colorado. These cars and the former SP tool car #5810 form the UP Grand Junction wrecker derrick outfit.

MWW #028 is the 250-ton wrecker derrick built by Bucyrus in 1942. According to Rio Grande Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment (MSCG), #028 was the biggest “big hook” of Rio Grande called Samson de Grande.

* 1963 photo of #028 by Jim Ozment at Western Rail Images website;

MWM RGAX-3335 is the boom car for #028. The number suggests this car as former D&RGW X-3335 boom car rebuilt from a sleeper-coach in 1954. But the appearance of this car more likely is that of former D&RGW boom car AX-3330.
According to MSCG, AX-3330 was rebuilt in 1981 from one of D&RGW #21500 – 21523 series 85’ flat cars built by Pullman-Standard in 1959 as the boom car for the derrick #030 assigned at Denver.
It seems AX-3330 succeeded to X-3335 including the number. Reporting mark was changed to “RGAX” after the UP merger.

* 1973 photo of X-3335 by Andy M. Payne at Friends of Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad website;
* 2005 photos of AX-3330 by HistoryBuff at thread;

MWC RGAX-3275 is the diner-kitchen-sleeper assigned to the wrecker derrick outfit. According to Rio Grande Diesels – Vol. 3, D&RGW X-3275 was converted from #1018, the 78-foot heavyweight Diner-Lounge Mt. Yale, in 1953. It was formerly assigned as the part of Pueblo wreck train. Reporting mark was changed to “RGAX” after the UP merger.

* photo of #1019 Mt. Princeton, later X-3274, from the same series at Utah Department of Heritage and Arts Digital Collection Archives;

All photos above are taken on Sep. 11, 2017

mow_rabit.jpg: another gang assigned to D&RGW MoW

これら旧D&RGW由来の事業用車両はコロラド州Grand Junctionで見つけた。救援・復旧用操重車およびその附属編成である。

#028は、1942年製の250トン操重車である。D&RGWにおいて最も扱重の大きい操重車で、「Samson de Grande」という愛称が附けられていたらしい。サムソンとは、旧約聖書に登場する、愛人に翻弄され痛い目に遭う怪力を誇る闘士の名前である。




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