Seely House (Rio Grande Company House), part 2 [Works_Town of Cisco]

seelyhouse_03.jpg: Thompson Springs, UT. Sep. 11, 2014

I’m trying to duplicate the whole town of Cisco, Utah in N scale. Here, the outline of the Seely House revealed from my current survey is shown below.

Seely House Structure

The Seely House structure was built in 1944[1]. But I couldn’t find any plans for this company house. The only clue I found is the silhouette of the structure shown in the 1971 movie Vanishing Point.

The Rio Grande went through facilities renovating program in the ’40s; rebuilding depots, company houses and tool sheds. Accordingly, the company house at Thompson built in 1949 is regarded as one of the results of the program[2].

A structure with the same openings arrangement with the company house at Thompson is found in the photo of Mounds, Utah taken maybe in the late 40’s by John W. Barriger III[3]. This suggests that both structures were built under the same/standard plans.

Seely House, built in 1944 due to the renovating program, is considered as also built under same/standard plans: overall dimensions of Seely House appears in 1952 USGS aerial photo resembles the company house at Thompson. Still more, Seely House’s hipped roof and arrangement of the chimneys appear in Vanishing Point resemble those of Thompson structure. Accordingly, I referred to the Thompson structure to draw Seely House plans.

: Rio Grande facilities; from left to right, Cisco(1974 USGS/1971 Vanishing Point), Thompson(1952 USGS/2014 arx), Mounds(1952 USGS/circa 1949 John W. Barriger III)

The structure at Thompson is made of cinder block, and the structure at Cisco is recorded as made of red brick[4]. Accordingly, I adjusted the module of the structure from cinder block to brick. I also referred to those brick structures built by the Rio Grande in this decade: depots at Buena Vista(built in 1948), Minturn(1946), Green River(1944) and Helper(1946). The suppositions are shown below.

[1] arx, (2018) Seely House (Rio Grande Signal Maintainer’s House), part 1, Boxcar Red Collection;
[2] arx, (2015) Thompson Company House, Boxcar Red Collection;
[3] Barriger, John W., D+RGW248, John W. Barringer III National Railroad Liburary;
[4] Cook, Kenneth L., (1971) Gravity base station network in Utah, #92, Utah Geological and Mineralogical Survey Bulletin

seelyhouse_plan.jpg: reference and the drawings of Seely House
seelyhouse_elv.jpg: supposed north and west elevations of Seely House

ユタ州を走るD&RGWの沿線にある/あった、Ciscoという町を紹介している。今回紹介する建物はUS Highway 50 & 6とRio Grandeの線路の間に建っていた「Seely House」である。

記事のタイトルにもあるように、この建物はCiscoにおけるRio Grandeの施設のひとつである。1944年、CTCの導入と同時に建てられたが、設計図などは見つけられなかった。手掛かりになる資料は、1971年の映画「バニシング・ポイント」の一場面で背景にぼんやり映り込む西立面および、USGSの航空写真に写っている屋根伏せのみである。

そこで参照したのが、隣り駅のThompsonにあった建物である。間口・奥行や屋根伏せがとてもよく似ており、建設時期も近い。John Walker Barriger IIIという人が1940年代末に撮影したと思われるユタ州moundsの写真にも、このThompsonの建物にとてもよく似た建物が写っている。恐らく、標準設計仕様があったのだろう。

復元図の作成にあたっては、Rio Grandeによって同時期に建てられた、レンガ造の建物も参照した。具体的にはBuena Vista(1948年竣工)、 Minturn(1946)、Green River(1944)やHelper(1946)の駅舎である。


Thompsonの建物にほとんど軒はない。しかし、映画「バニシング・ポイント」に映っている建物にはある程度軒があるように見える。そこでBuena VistaやThompsonの駅舎を参考に、軒を伸ばしてみた。


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