D&RGW RBL #60685, 60687 and 60705 [DRGW Equipment PA]

drgw60685_01.jpg: DRGW 60685
drgw60687_01.jpg: DRGW 60687
drgw60705_01.jpg: DRGW 60705

These D&RGW insulated boxcars are found apart in Colorado near Del Norte and Gunnison.

#60685 is found 6.5 miles west from Del Norte on the south side of US Hwy 160.

#60687 is found 2 miles west from Del Norte on the north side of US Hwy 160. However, tank cars stored on SLRG line get in the way of us taking photos, as of September 2017. More reliable photo of this particular car can be seen at Fallenflags site[1].

#60705 is found at Gunnison on S Main St.

According to Rio Grande Morning Sun Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment (MSCG), these cars were built by Pacific Car & Foundry in 1960.

D&RGW 60600 – 60714 series Insulated Boxcars:
The Official Railway Equipment Register for July 1974 shows the group with 107 cars of possible 115 cars in place, described as follows:

The D&RGW series 60600 to 60714 is shown with AAR Designation RBL and description “Refrig., Stl., Insulated, Waugh-Cush. Underfr., Plug Doors, Car-Pac Loader”.

The inside length of these cars is 50 feet 1 inch, inside width 9 feet 4 inches, inside height 9 feet 9 inches, outside length 53 feet 6 inches, extreme height 15 feet 1 inch and capacity 4555 cubic feet or 140,000 pounds.

Photo of Car-Pac (and also DFB, DF, and LD) device is provided at Wheels of Time web site[2].

All photos are taken on Sep. 6, 2017

[1] 2006 photo of #60687 at Fallenflags site;
[2] More details from the actual prototype and from the model, Wheels of Time;

drgw60705_02.jpg: DRGW 60705

これらRio Grandeオリジナルの番号を保つ貨車は、コロラド州Del Norte近郊およびGunnisonの町中で見つけた。1960年Pacific Car & Foundry製、D&RGW 60600 – 60714 series RBLの内の3両である。

断熱が施されたRBLは払い下げにおける「人気物件」のようだ。扉にあるCar Pac LoaderとはPC&Fが開発した荷崩れ防止装置。写真では、つっかえ棒とそれが嵌るチャンネル状の溝でできているように見える。


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