D&RGW XM #67924 [DRGW Equipment PA]

drgw67924_01.jpg: DRGW 67924

This D&RGW boxcar is found at Del Norte, Colorado.

Body style, barely read letterings “6*924” on end and “EXW 10’-8, IL 40’-6” on its side suggest this car as D&RGW XM #6*(7 or 8)924.

Rio Grande Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment (MSCG) shows #67682 from the series 67500 – 67999, with Improved Dreadnaught end with large roller-pin shaped ribs and top rib truncated, as post-war cars built in 1946. These features are common with the particular car found at Del Norte. Accordingly, I decided to represent this car as #67924.

According to the letterings, the particular car was assigned for potash loading at Grand Junction.

D&RGW 67500 – 69899 series Boxcars:
The Official Railway Equipment Register for July 1974 pushes both post-war cars and wartime cars into one series with 200 cars in place, described as follows:

The D&RGW series 67500 to 69899 is shown with AAR Designation XM and description “Box, Stl” only.

The inside length of these cars is 40 feet 6 inches, inside width 9 feet 2 inches, inside height 10 feet 4 inches, outside length 40 feet 6 inches, extreme height 15 feet and capacity 3850 cubic feet or 110,000 pounds.

The 1974 ORER shows these cars with outside width at eaves of 9’ 3”, contrary to EW 9’ 4” lettered on the particular car. Here is my research:

According to MSCG, the 67500 – 69899 series boxcars are consisted of five groups: series 68000 - 68399, 68400 - 68899, 68900 - 69399, 69400 - 69899, and 67500 - 67999.

The 68000 - 68399 series boxcars built by Pressed Steel Car in 1939 are likely lettered EW 9'-3" according to the photo of D&RGW #68337 found at MSCG.

The 68400 - 68899 and 68900 - 69399 series boxcars are the additional orders following the preceding series and are also built by Pressed Steel Car in 1940 and 1941 respectively.

The 69400 – 69899 series boxcars built by Pressed Steel Car in 1942 are likely lettered EW 9'-3" according to the photo of D&RGW #69676 found at Railroad Photo Archives site[1].

D&RGW #67682 found at MSCG and the particular car I found at Del Norte, both from 67500 – 67999 series boxcars built by Pressed Steel Car in 1946, are lettered EW 9'-4". Accordingly, only 67500 – 67999 series boxcars are likely lettered EW 9'-4".

All photos are taken on Sep. 6, 2017

[1] 1979 photo of D&RGW #69676 at Railroad picture Archives web page;
* 2014 photo of D&RGW #67*** from the same series found at Helper, Utah;

drgw67924_03.jpg: DRGW 67924

このRio Grandeオリジナルの番号を保つ貨車は、コロラド州Del Norteの町で見つけた。妻面リブの形状から推測して、1946年Pressed Steel Car製、D&RGW 67500 – 67999 series XMの内の1両である。1974年版Official Railway Equipment Registerでは、1939年製68000 - 68399 series XMらと併せ、67500 – 69899 seriesとして括り扱われている。

銀色の塗装は恐らく退役後のもの。それを透かしてかろうじて見える表記には「WHEN EMPTY RETURN TO D&RGW RR GRAND JUNCTION FOR POTASH LOADING」とある。

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