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Ballard’s Service Station [Works_Town of Cisco]

ballard's_map.jpg: Oct. 2012 by Google map
ballard's_03.jpg: Oct. 20, 2005 by Kevin Delaney

I’m trying to duplicate the whole town of Cisco, Utah in N scale. Here, I represent the results of my survey.

There used to be a gas service station, behind a small mound about half a mile west of Cisco Townsite, on north side of US Hwy 50 & 6. The structure was intact at least in 2005. However, nothing but the base of gas pump left today.

Harry Ballard (1914 – 2005) and Wava Frances(1917 – 1969) Harris of Green River, Utah moved to Cisco in 1947[1]. Ballard was a road foreman of Utah Department of Transportation at Cisco, later at Thompson. Wava became the postmistress at Cisco. Besides, they opened up this gas service station. Water application, to use from Mar. 1955 including the “service station purpose”, was appropriated to Ballard in Oct. 1954[2].

If Ballard filled up Johnny Cash’s big black Cadillac, it must have been happened here in 1965 or 6[3, 4]. The station was still operating at least in 1970 according to the appropriated water application[5]. However, Ballard seems moved his business to Dewey next year[6]. There, Ballard and his second wife Ruth Maxine(1918 – 1999) operated the Dewey Service Station until 1987[7].

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ballard's_01.jpg: Sep. 10, 2017
ballard's_02.jpg: Sep. 10, 2017
ballard's_ad.jpg: July 21, 1955 Green River Journal

ユタ州を走るD&RGWの沿線にある/あった、Ciscoという町を紹介している。この建物は町から少し西に離れた丘の影に建っていた「Ballard’s Service Station」である。昨年撮影した写真で見るように、現在は給油ポンプの基礎を残すのみである。

「Ballard’s Service Station」は、Cisco駐在の道路管理人をしていたBallard Harrisという人が、1955年に開業したガソリンスタンドである。夫人は長年シスコの郵便局長を務めた。Ballardが、カントリー歌手ジョニー・キャッシュの車に給油したのが事実であれば、それはここでの出来事であるはずである。



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