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Rio Grande System Telephone Directory [Column_Reviews]


Rio Grande SYSTEM Telephone Directory
Issued May, 1963
Issued February, 1965
Issued May, 1967
Issued January, 1973
Issued July, 1977
Issued July, 1981

These must have been one of the printed matters depots or section houses kept: the Telephone Directories. Directories I have are issued in 1963, 1965, 1967, 1973, 1977 and 1981: if they are issued every two years, 1969, 1971, 1975 and 1979 versions are missing at my collection. Each has Private Branch Telephone Exchange Directory in both alphabetical list of names and list of departments.

My purpose to collect these was to verify the change over the years of Rio Grande facilities at Cisco, Utah. According to these directories:
In May 1963, Cisco is assigned 144 in List of Waystation Telephones, 77_Grand Junction Helper Line, but already in Seasonal status.
In Feb. 1965, Cisco is disappeared from the Directory.
In Jan. 1973, Cisco is reappeared as CISCO SECTION assigned 147.
In Jul. 1977, Cisco is listed as CISCO SECTION assigned 147.
In Jul. 1981, Cisco is listed as CISCO SECTION - SIGNAL assigned 147.

I knew that the depot was seasonally closed between December 15 and April 15 since 1950[1]. According to D&RGW Depots by Clive and David Carter, the depot was retired in 1965. Therefore, it seems the depot finally closed its doors on Dec. 14, 1964 and demolished soon after that before Feb. 1965.

Farther research is needed where the CISCO SECTION phone was installed: Cisco never had a section house.

[1] Feb. 16, 1950 Times Independent;


さて、そのCisco駅だが、1963年5月版では季節限定ではあるものの番号が掲載されている。1950年から4月から12月のみの営業になっていたのだ。そして、1965年2月版には載っていない。資料・D&RGW Depotsには1965年退役と記されている。すなわち、1964年12月14日がCisco駅の営業最終日で、その後間もない1965年1月中に解体されたと推定される。


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