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Paint Shop – 60 : Minneapolis & St Louis Boxcar 2520, part 1 [Works_Boxcars]

mstl2520_03.jpg: MSTL 2520

Here is another Minneapolis & St Louis boxcar with the impressive scheme introduced in 1956. The scheme varies according to its equipments: cars with compartmentizers have “COMPARTMENTIZER” slogans, insulated cars have “INSULATED” slogans and cars with DF loaders have “DAMAGE FREE” slogans. I previously represented “INSULATED”, “COMPARTMENTIZER” car. So, this time, I represent a “DAMAGE FREE” car.

The only prototype photo of “DAMAGE FREE” car I found was of MSTL “2526” by Jonathan Spurlock at RR Photo Archives site: I once saw a prototype photo, not the Kadee HO model photo, of MSTL 2516 but cannot recall where I saw that.

However, according to builder’s list, MSTL 2526 never existed: 2500/2502, 2504 – 2520 and 2800 are the only 50’ PS-1’s Pullman built for MSTL. Retouching the Spurlock’s photo brought to me that it can be read as 2520. Accordingly, I decided to make MSTL 2520.

mstl2520_00.jpg: retouched photo of MSTL “2526”
mstl2520_01.jpg: body ready to paint

I used surplus Athearn 50’ PS-1 Single Door Boxcar for the model. I scraped off the molded doors and replaced with copied and modified Atlas Pullman doors: single 9’ door from two 8’ doors.

I spray painted the body with Tamiya spray paint TS-69 Linoleum Deck Brown. Before applying the decals, I polished the surface of the painted body, where decals were going to be applied, with compound. Decal used is Microscale #60-1509 except homemade “DAMAGE FREE” slogan. Semi-gloss clear coat is sprayed after decal is dried.

* 1978 prototype photo of MSTL “2526” by Jonathan Spurlock;
* another photo of MSTL “2526” by Jonathan Spurlock;

前回に引き続きMinneapolis & St Louisの貨車である。余分のデカールを活用すべく制作した。この貨車の目玉は、妻板・扉・屋根が全てプルマン製部品でできた純正プルマンとでも呼ぶべき外観および、DF Loaderという荷崩れを防ぐ装置が備わっていることをアピールする「DAMAGE FREE」スローガン。しかし、これはMicroscale製デカールにないので、白デカール用紙を用いインクジェットプリンターで自作することにした。

模型にはAthearn製50’ PS-1 Single Door Box Carを用いた。プロトタイプもプルマン製なので、改変するのは扉のみ。製品のYoungstown製扉を削り落としPullman製扉に交換するのだが、Atlas製40’ PS-1 Boxcarに附属のパーツでは幅が足りない。型取り複製した8フィート扉2枚から9フィート扉1枚を合成し貼り付けた。

今回、車体はタミヤのTS-69で塗装した。レタリングには、前述の自家製デカールの他、Microscale製デカール #60−1509を用いている。いつもどおり半光沢のクリアコートを最後に吹いて仕上げた。


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