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Paint Shop – 59 : Minneapolis & St Louis Boxcar 2048, part 2 [Works_Boxcars]

mstl2048_03.jpg: MSTL 2048

Here are the data of the car and a belief history of the railroad.

MSTL 2000 series Boxcars:
Plug doors on freight equipments were came in to use in the early 50’s. MSTL 2000 series cars were built in 1957: one of the early examples of insulated boxcars. In 1956, by then president Albert W. Schroeder had introduced the striking fire engine red and off-white scheme[1]. They were repainted to C&NW scheme after the acquisition[2].

The ORER for July 1974 shows the group #2000 to #2058 with 28 cars in place, described as follows:
AAR Designation RBL, Refrig., Compartmentizers, Even Nos. The inside length of these cars is 50 feet, inside width 9 feet 2 inches, inside height 9 feet 1 inch, outside length 54 feet 9 inches, extreme height 14 feet 1 inch and capacity 4163 cubic feet or 132,000 pounds.

Minneapolis & St Louis Railway (reporting mark MSTL) established in 1870, was the railroad extended south and west from Minneapolis, Minnesota. However the traffic was relatively light, therewith the railroad was in receivership between 1923 and 1943. Conclusively, the railroad was acquired by Chicago & North Western Railway in 1960. Most of the route is abandoned today.
Founder of Sears, Roebuck and Company, Richard Warren Sears(1863 – 1914) was the agent at North Redwood, MN in the 1880s[3].

The map below is the part of Union Pacific Map of the United States printed in 1971, with the MSTL route traced in green line by the author.

[1] Piersen, Joe., (2004) Minneapolis & St. Louis Railroad – A Capsule History, Chicago & North Western Historical Society;
[2] 1977 photo of MSTL 2016 in C&NW scheme;
[3] Sears History - 1886, Sears Archives;

mstl-route-map.jpg: MSTL route

以下に、該当車両の概要、およびMinneapolis & St Louis Railwayの簡単な歴史を記す。

MSTL 2000 series Boxcars:

内寸:長手50フィート、 短手9フィート2インチ, 天井高9フィート1インチ
外寸:長手54フィート9インチ、 最高高さ14 フィート1インチ、扉開口幅9フィート
容積:4163 立方フィート/132,000 パウンド
28両在籍(April 1974 ORER)

Minneapolis & St Louis Railway
Minneapolis & St Louis Railway (reporting mark MSTL)は、1870年に設立された、ミネアポリスから南と西に路線を延ばしていた鉄道である。内陸の穀倉地帯からミシシッピ川岸までの穀物運搬が主な用途であったが、元より輸送量は低調で経営的には厳しい年月が続いていたようだ。最終的に、1960年C&NWに吸収され消滅している。こんにちでは路線もそのほとんどが廃線になっている。

地図は、筆者の手元にあった1971年発行のUnion Pacificによる全米路線図上に、該当路線を緑色で書き込んだものである。


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