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An Expression Derived From Cisco − “Vanishing Point”, Part 2 [Column_Town of Cisco]


Fakes, dummies and frauds are the usual practices in our model railroading, and are also in movie filming. Without these, we cannot reach our goal. In this movie, we can find another method: reflection.

Reflection is a set of wave with equal angle: incident and reflected. Well-known effect caused by reflection is the inversion.

As I wrote previously, Cisco scenes are the virtual images. However, the virtual images in this movie are the inverted actual images: westbound is actually eastbound and 10:04 A.M. is actually early in the evening. Therefore, Cisco scenes may be considered to be using the method of reflection.

Here is supporting evidence. Throughout the Cisco scenes, the words are few. We can still see the image even if it is inverted, but can’t get the inverted words. Thus, the words are removed from the Cisco scenes.

Here is another supporting evidence. There is no indoor cut throughout the Cisco scenes. Considering the method of reflection, wave incident upon Cisco should not originate at inside, but fall on from the outside.

Window glass reflections obstruct showing indoor views of Cisco Mercantile or Ethel’s Cafe as if Cisco is the sacred place: so to say, actual Cisco is sealed behind the reflections. The ray of light from the gap between the blades of bulldozers in the ending scene is actually the reflection of the sunlight caused by the reflector board set behind the blades: it must be the most sacred reflection in the movie.




映画の中で、Cisco MercantileやEthel’s Cafeの中はガラスの反射でほとんど見えない。封印されたかのようだ。ラスト・シーンでブルドーザーの間から射し込む神々しい光もまた、実際にはレフ板に当たった夕陽である。このように、実像が反射の多用によって隠蔽されているからこそ、わたしたちはその実像に惹かれるのだろう。


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