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D&RGW MWK #052 and #062 [DRGW Equipment PA]

drgw052_01.jpg: DRGW #052
drgw052_02.jpg: DRGW #052

These D&RGW flangers are found at Monte Vista, Colorado.

According to Rio Grande Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment (MSCG), #050 – 053 series flangers were rebuilt from wood-frame flangers in 1941. However, consolidated stencil on #052 has 1979 rebuilt date and rides on Barber S-2 trucks cast 1957.

#062 flanger was also rebuilt in 1965 from a wood-frame car and rides on ASF Ride Control truck on A-end and Barber S-2 truck on B-end.

These two flangers were based at Alamosa in the 70’s and to the 80’s. D&RGW GP-9s, #5951 and 5953 equipped with snowplows and remote flanger control system, were assigned to drag them[1].

All photos are taken on Sep. 6, 2017

[1] Strack, Don “Pilot Snow Plows” web page;
* mid-80's photo of D&RGW GP-9 #5953 with snowplow;

drgw062_01.jpg: DRGW #062

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Reminders of the 70’s along Rio Grande 90 − El Palomino Motel, Grand Junction [Trackside Colorado PA]

el-palomino-motel_01.jpg: Sep. 10, 2017

El Palomino Motel was located at the center of Grand Junction, Colorado, on 2400 North Ave facing old US Hwy 50 & 6. Palomino means white horse in Spanish.

Robert and Elberta V.(1919 – 2013) Senn purchased the motel in 1956 and operated it for more than 50 years[1]. Today, it is owned and operated by Harriet Kowalczyk as Grand Junction Palomino Inn[2].

[1] Mar. 21, 2013 Daily Sentinel;
[2] manta web page;

elpalominomotel_postcard.jpg: postcard maybe printed in the 50's

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Surfaces - Everyday Life in the Early 70’s [Column_Photo Archives]

Here, I introduce scanned images from my dad’s slides mostly taken in the early 70’s. 1964 Oldsmobile was our only choice for means of the family trip to as north as Fairbanks, AK or to as south as Oaxaca, Mexico: we never used airlines. Accordingly, I decided to call this series of posts as “Surfaces”.

1970_71_US_0308.jpg: Georgia 1970

a historical technical term – “Modern”

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