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Surfaces - Everyday Life in the Early 70’s [Column_Photo Archives]

Here, I introduce scanned images from my dad’s slides mostly taken in the early ’70s. 1964 Oldsmobile was our only choice for means of the family trip to as north as Fairbanks, AK or to as south as Oaxaca, Mexico: we never used airlines. Accordingly, I decided to call this series of posts as “Surfaces”.
1970_71_US_0805.jpg: New York, NY. summer 1971

The half-day bus tour was enough for country folks from Tennessee, er, Japan.
1970_71_US_0802.jpg: New York, NY. summer 1971
1970_71_US_0803.jpg: New York, NY. summer 1971

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Paint Shop – 67 : Gulf Mobile & Ohio Boxcar 56345, part 2 [Works_Boxcars]

gmo56345_04.jpg: GM&O 56345

Here are the data of the car and a belief history of the railroad.

GM&O 56200 - 56399 series boxcars:
The Official Railway Equipment Register (ORER) for April 1974 shows the group #56200 to #56399 with 136 cars in place, accompanied by other 49 cars with the same dimensions but with the description “Box, 4 Belt DF-2 Loaders, Lading Strap Anchors” and designation XL, described as follows:

AAR Designation XM and description “Box, Lading Strap Anchors”. The inside length of both of these cars was 50 feet 6 inches, inside width 9 feet 4 inches, inside height 10 feet 5 inches, outside length 54 feet 6 inches, extreme height 15 feet 1 inch, door opening 9 feet, and capacity 4932 cubic feet or 110,000 pounds.

Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad
See Paint Shop – 63 : Gulf Mobile & Ohio Boxcar 9077, part 2

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Paint Shop – 66 : Gulf Mobile & Ohio Boxcar 56345, part 1 [Works_Boxcars]

gmo56345_03.jpg: completed model

GM&O boxcars are rich in their graphic variation: what drives me modeling GM&O boxcars is the variation brought about by the combination of the Wings Herald, the arched lettered roadname, and the reporting mark.

The reporting mark GM&O is always at the left as the norm and the Wings Herald seems always at the right, according to the IC/GM&O Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment. But the position of the arched lettered roadname is not fixed. Moreover, Wings are sometimes lacked.

For example, GM&O 56345 had the Herald on the right and the roadname on the left. The 1983 prototype photo of the particular car was found at Illinois Central Gulf Decals web site. However, unfortunately, the ICG Decals produces HO scale only. Accordingly I went to Microscale Industries; Microscale announced the N scale decals for GM&O boxcars in June 2015.

I used surplus Athearn PS-1 single-door boxcar for the model. I changed the door with copied and modified 8’ Pullman door produced by Atlas. I also removed the roofwalk as seen in the prototype photo.

I spray painted the body with Mr. Color Spray No. 81. I polished the surface of the painted body, where decals were going to be applied, with the compound before applying the decal for the better adhesion. Decal used is Microscale #60-1506. I spray painted the semi-gloss clear coat after applying the decal.

* 1983 prototype photo of GM&O 56345 found at Illinois Central Gulf Decals web site;
* the decal I used;

gmo56345_01.jpg: body ready to paint
gmo56345_02.jpg: painted body

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